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The Juggling Act: Working, Dieting and Exercising

To follow up on my previous post about the most neglected aspects of being a mom, I want now shift the spotlight to juggling the aspects once the neglect is overcome.

What do I think about the juggling act of activities in a woman’s daily life? Some women may think it’s a work of fiction, but I think otherwise. As human beings, it’s embedded in our nature that we find excuses for the things that we think we don’t have time for; just like diet and exercise. It became particularly hard to excuse after I started breastfeeding. My nipples were sore and the bras I was buying to counter the issue were not working. I ended up attempting to hunt down the best bottles for breastfeeding and this freed me up for more exercise time.


When pregnant, it’s really about finding the right kinds of food to eat and keeping everything that I put in my mouth in moderation, especially since I breastfeed my child. During these days, I get to eat my favourite food guilt-free!

When I get the writer’s block in the middle of work, I often take a break and use the time to work out instead. Did you know that Youtube is a great source to find free workouts? I find myself saving the ones that I want to do next. Oh yes, this can become very addictive especially since it allows me to be the boss of my own time. My favorite ones are the ones that I can do right at the convenience of my very own home. Using weights can really help, too, since they’re inexpensive and help build and tone muscles. I’m not really conscious about the numbers. Just as long as I’m fit and healthy, I’m happy with myself.