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20130103- 365challenge_Sunset

To give the year a word, as some do, this is mine.


1. The act or an instance of chasing or pursuing.
2. The act of striving: the pursuit of higher education.
3. An activity, such as a vocation or hobby, engaged in regularly.

Pursuing health of surrendered, passionate love.

A constant activity, for the moment apathy slips in, the return to the pursuit is a thousand times more difficult than the beginning steps. Constant, purposeful mindfulness of that which is in front, the desires of my heart which really, have flowed from the desires of His heart and been revealed in quiet moments with Him.

Allow the world to take over and vision becomes tainted. With the taint comes forgetfulness and with forgetfulness comes reverting back to that which we long to flee and abandon. Those things that make us shudder and weep at how it fails those around us and the One we long to love with our whole heart.

Striving to obtain, yet realizing there is only so much within my own power. The ultimate realization comes when I lean into His grace and rely upon His enabling. Letting the life of The Vine course through this weak branch, that should it be cut off, would have nothing within.

Pursuit is for that which is beyond reach but not impossible to grasp. Not if His hands meet us in our reaching and bridge the gap we are unable to cross in our own power. There is complete reliance on Him to complete the pursuit because of ourselves, we simply can not.

What wonder!

The pursuit is not dependent upon my strength alone but instead, dependent upon my weakness. It is my weakness that brings me strength. The less I am, the more He is. The more He is, the closer to the desired treasure of the soul because I am carried there within His enabling. Carried, even as I  also make the action to advance in the process. Because that is the freedom of choice He has given me.

We choose, but choice does not mean exhausted striving. Choice is accepting all that has been offered for the pursuit that He has called us to. Not the pursuit we create for ourselves.

The pursuit is also relationship. It is the relationship that brings us to that which we reach for. We reach for Him even as He enables us to do so. For the process of the pursuit and the end of the pursuit and yes, the beginning too, is found in Him. Without Him the pursuit would not exist, neither does it find completion.

He, then, is the pursuit.