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Toys Underfoot

Nobody Listens to Me!

About Hidden Valley Thoughts:

As a career woman, turned stay-at-home-mom, I have learned what it means to live in a hidden valley.

Moms live in a hidden valley day after day, completing tasks that will never be recognized but always taken for granted, putting in longer days than even the most ambitious career woman, and playing more roles than a well paid movie actress.

They wake up each morning, longing to write that book, open that art gallery, record the music CD, start that exercise studio, and then fall into bed each night, too exhausted to pursue those dreams.

There are tears that no one sees, laughter that no one hears, and lessons that few people ever hear about.

Once a week, those who want to share a particular lesson or incident that took place in their Hidden Valley, can do so. It may be something God taught you, a moment of letting your kids play in the mud as you realize a little dirt doesn’t hurt anybody, or a video that stuck a chord in your soul. Whatever it is, if it touched you, share it with us!

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