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Product Showcase | Teach Your Child to Count Flash Cards

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Math. The downfall in my school career. It’s looking like it will be the same way for my daughter, poor girl.¬† Our brains just don’t get math. Therefore, we need all the help we can get.

We found some of that help with Child Up’s Early Learning Math Cards.

We received two packs to evaulate, Teach Your Child to Count to 10: Math and Logic 1 and
Teach your Child to Count to 20: Math and Logic 2,
and my initial reaction was that they seemed no different than flash cards I could buy in CVS or Walmart. There are animals on the front of them, with the corresponding number on the back.

A closer look however, revealed that these cards carry a bit more than your typical counting flashcards for preschoolers In fact, Child Up considers these to not be flash cards, in that they aren’t to be used for quick display which results in memorized recognition. They are instead, supposed to be used to teach children to actually count and learn the ten Arabic numerals.

Not only that, these cards help teach animal categories as well, as I will focus on in a minute. First of all, there are 16 cards in each pack, specifically for parents to read through. They highlight everything from how a child’s brain is developed, to “How to Get Intelligence”, to encouraging¬† parents that they are the biggest role models for their children learning (including how crucial Dad’s involvement is) to how to use the flash cards themselves. These parent cards are a mini book of information and they deliver a nice little punch of information in their tiny size.

In Teach Your Child to Count to 10: Math and Logic 1 there are four categories of animals: Domestic, Aquatic, Birds, and African Animals. Each grouping has cards 0-10 and an additional card with animal description and facts to teach your child.

Then the math breakdown takes place.
For instance, there is 1 whale
1 whale + 1 crab to = 2 animals
3 lobsters + 3 walruses + 2 goldfish to = 8 animals
1 seal + 2 dolphins + 3 lobsters + 4 seahorses to = 10 animals

Presenting the numbers this way, with a mix and match, goes further than the usual domino type dots that many flash cards use. It helps factor in reasoning for the child, such as 3 of one animal plus 2 of another equals 5 total.

The 2nd pack takes this a bit further, going all the way to #20 and having a question prompt card, such as
~ How many marsupials remain in the 2nd series if the kangaroo is gone? (Prompting both math skills, reasoning skills, vocabulary skills,  and knowledge of animals, all in one exercise)
~ In the 3rd series of cards, if all the animals without legs leave the group, how many animals remain?
~ In the 1st and 3rd series of cards, if you subtract all the reptiles, how many animals remain?

The reasoning and math questions continue on another card:
~ Can you name the animals that are able to swim. . . creep. . . jump. .  .fly?
~ Can you group the animals by size? (I would add, how many are there all together?)
~ can you sort out all the numbers smaller to bigger?

In this particular pack, the 4 series of animals are as follows:
~ Mammals. Numbers 10-20
~ Mammals and Marsupials: Odd numbers (1,3,5, etc) 1-21
~ Reptiles: Even numbers, 0-20
~ Insects and Arachnids: Random numbers

Mama’s Rating: For the price $9.99 I give this a 5 out of 5 rating. I have bought flash cards for this amount of money at an area local book store and not received half of what I received with these cards. My only hitch, is I would like to see these appear in stores so that no S&H fees are tacked on to a purchase like this, at which point, the price becomes a bit too much.

Kid’s Rating: “I would put 5 star stickers on these which means I really think they’re cool.”¬†
(As I write this, my 4 year old has sat next to me, playing with these cards for the last 20 minutes, naming animals and counting them.)
Child Up is letting me giveaway one of each of these packs to a reader.
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