Hidden Valley Statement of Purpose
~ To inspire women to seek out living their role in God’s Epic romance,
as written by The Author Himself.

~ To encourage women so that they can live with joyful purpose, abandoned surrender, and solely for God’s glory.

~ To stir women’s hearts so that they long to be a part of something bigger than themselves ~
something only God can do.

~ To facilitate desire:
as women, in all walks of life, to be passionate about abandoning themselves
so that they can live in full surrender to God,
as married women, to be wives with a forever bride heart,
as mothers, to thrill at the stewardship of motherhood,
as keeper’s of the home, to be full of joyful contentment.

~To share the hidden valley lessons gleaned in the mundane,
share the delightful, unexpected gifts as they come,
and embrace the astounding beauty of living the unique, individualized story The Author is creating out of each life.

To share the journey of Shiloh.
Shiloh, as only God can do, bigger than human effort.
Shiloh with it’s pain and struggles.
Shiloh with it’s beauty and strength.
Shiloh, to bring awareness for the need for forever families for children no one else would normally consider.
Shiloh, a display of how God takes the weak of the world to display power.
Shiloh, a living picture of brokenness being the soil in which love grows deepest.

Hidden Valley Simplicity is not:
~ A blog that has countless hours spent on promoting it for popularity, page rank, or size.
~ A blog fraught with giveaways.
~ A hobby that takes me from my family. If days pass without posts, it’s because my family has needed my time.

Hidden Valley Simplicity is:
~ A blog that belongs to God.
~ A blog, that if reviews and paid ads help support Shiloh, will be used as such, but not to the annoyance of those it ministers to.
~ A blog that (prayerfully) is for God and written so that God alone is brought the glory
and that readers walk away from, longing for more of Him
and what He can do with a fully surrendered life.