Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quiet Ponderings

I can't imagine not writing. . .

      but right now, I can't imagine writing.

My life is so incredibly rich and full right now, as well as bursting with the anticipation of our coming children as we near ever closer to finishing our certification and dwelling in order to bring them home. . . 

and there are glorious Fall days and the delight of learning and sharing that with my little loves and soaking them in as they are flying through this growing up process, and sitting and holding Handsome's hand at night as we just talk and just be, and friendly chickens that think we're all that and more when they come for cuddles, and the very satisfying outdoor work of Fall before the blowing snow flies, and oh, the richness of friendships that keep my phone busy with calls and texts every day, all day. . . 

and as a result, my writing is on the shelf.

I'll be back. 

For I have to write.

But sometimes the writing dries up and the only way to get the spring flowing again is to take an extended break.

Kind of like running I've found. Sometimes I lose the motivation. But then I go 3 days or 4 days and I am writhing in my skin wanting to hit pavement. I figure it will be that way with writing. Only it will be longer than 3 or 4 days. It could be that many weeks, or that many months. And maybe it will even push a year.

Who knows.

I'm just going with it.

Which is a big deal. Because I'm a Type A who doesn't just typically "go with it".

But I look at the computer sometimes, as I head out the door with the kids or as I'm playing with my camera or I'm fiddling with some other thing of delight and I send up a prayer asking, "Should I be writing?!"

and He---the Author who guides my hands into words---just smiles in a way my heart feels all the way to the inner depth and says, "There is a time for everything. . . and right now, this is your time for silence and storing up the beauty that is your life, within your heart, and preparation and the very slow, gradual unfolding into a new chapter of the life calling you were created to fulfill---and pondering it all privately like Mary did as it comes forth. Sometimes you must share to encourage others. And sometimes, things are kept in the secret place between you and I, hidden, and yielding a deeper intimacy than ever known before--for the over-flowing time when you once again emerge at My beckoning to share your heart with others so that I may receive the glory."

And I say, "So when will I return? Will I return!?"

And still smiling into my heart I sense Him say, "You'll know when, because you know My voice and My prompting. . . until then. . . enjoy the beauty of your hidden valley life as wife and Mama."

And so I am and I will, and when the time is right I'll be back to share from the newly filled and spilling over storehouse treasures of my heart that this time of solitude in my hidden valley
(which just happens to be up on a hill ;),
has yielded within my heart.

Until then,

Sweet blessings and

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I am a stay-at-home-wife and mother, busy with home educating my children, doing daycare, and preparing our church-turned-home to embrace special needs and terminally ill children in need of a forever family.
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