Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let Me Tell You About Grace

Grace has given 38 years today.

Grace has transformed the past 18 years of those 38. Eighteen years ago, entering the 21st year, and thinking death was more attractive, leading to a nightmare in lock-down psych. But now, life worth living .

Grace has given 11 years of those 18, total freedom from that which bound and warped and destroyed. 

Grace took this wretched, messed up girl with scars on her arms and legs, who writhed on bathroom floors in attempts to achieve a number through pills that emptied, and stood her tall with freedom and clothed her with righteousness.

Grace shattered hate and anger and taught of True Love.

Grace has given life to the full.

Grace brought a man, total opposite, total completion of my heart.

Grace gave me two earthly treasures to steward and love.

Grace gave me four heavenly treasures to anticipate gathering up in my arms in forever.

Grace has taught that what is deemed ugly and worthless on earth carries the greatest strength and beauty in heaven's eyes.

Grace wields a daily sword against depression and anxiety and pushes through the darkness into the light of His glory.

Grace took a world, once a dull, lifeless grey and filled it with bluest blues and greenest greens and all the colors surrounding.

Grace took bitter tears and turned them to joyful laughter.

Grace has redeemed ugly sin.

Grace shows us our story and unfolds it slowly, gently, and with promise, and always purposefully, moving us ever forward into our destiny.

Grace invited me to be a part of His Epic and in so doing, opened eyes that catch glimpses beyond the here, to the wonder that is there. It has, and is teaching, there is so much more than what earthly senses grasp and it is in the more, that all hope and destiny and true purpose lies.

Grace has shown that pain weaves beauty in this epic. That there exists an eternal weight of glory within that which weighs the heart heavy here.

Grace gives a beautiful today.

Grace promises an even more astounding forever. 


Without grace, I am nothing.


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