Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's That Time

It's that wonderful time of year and we're soaking up every, single moment.

The water play on a hot, summer day, cranky voices turned into laughter with the relief.

When the storm clouds competing with the bright, sunny blues above, are a welcome relief, because the heat needs a break, and these bring it, even if in the form of a very brief shower that we are certain to stay out in and raise arms to, head tilted back, drinking in the coolness across our bodies.

Our mischievous chipmunks who run around our feet when we're outside, no longer afraid of us, begging for treats. 

Those little creatures we adore and which my husband is constantly at war with. 

First chrysalis of the year, waiting to burst forth into a glorious swallowtail. The caterpillar find was rare and we were thrilled to have discovered it---all while pulling weeds of all things.

(One never knows what hidden jewels will emerge when care is given to remove the weeds.)

Mouths water with the promise of coming, juicy berries. And eyes are astounded by the colors when really stopping to pay attention to the variation of them, as the little red wonders ripen.

The simplistic, yet elegant beauty of daisies, profuse in their splendor this year, all over our untamed property. I love that my man loves daisies and has mowed purposefully, around each, individual clump, so that we may enjoy them for their duration.

Forty-eight eggs and only one baby emerged. We were both disappointed and thrilled. Rosie (who I am suspecting is really a Roscoe) is one of the most loved chickens you will ever meet, not to mentioned manhandled by small hands. I do believe s/he believes he's more human than bird and we are at the beck and call of the demanding chirps throughout the day.

Our garden profuse and with it's own delights to be found in the fascinating designs. Perfection that usually goes unnoticed within the green, taken for granted.

My "forget about it" garden, is actually doing well. I had leftover plants and dumped them in an obscure place, where the snakes sun themselves. The plants took and are yielding despite the neglect and now it's a regular occurrence to cautiously tread out there, making sure to be loud enough to scare off the snakes before I arrive.

Spinach and lettuce have had four cuttings, and last night yielded the fifth, then a pulling occurred with a new batch being planted. I'm being smarter this time around, staggering my planting, so as to not have to have a lull in my constant greens between now and Fall.

All in all, few things make me as happy as seeing the bounty of a garden. It's a result to work that we get to see sooner than later---as opposed to so much of the rest of life, where we often wonder if what we're doing even matters.

(It does.
Because this isn't all there is.)

And through the summer adventures, the season of preparation continues, as we toil through mounds of paperwork and begin to dive into the stack of notebooks waiting to be read and filled out.

It seems so. . . flat . . . compared to the longing in my heart for our children, these papers with words and little emotion. But it's a part of the process and the faithfulness in sloughing through brings us step-by-step, one day closer to our family being enlarged with love.

Every page turned over for a new one to be tackled and a little bit more of the process necessary, occurs in our hearts, for welcoming the rest of our family home.

Who are they? Yet to be born or already here? Are the safe or are they in situations I just can't dwell long on in my mind, or else I feel helpless panic set in to get them today? Are the loved or giving up it will happen? What are their ages, what are their stories--and when will their stories join ours?

And through it all, the heart cry, "Be glorified Lord Jesus. Be glorified!" In our play, in our work, in our family, in our love, in this telling of our lives.


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