Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Journey to All Natural Living | Post 10

Because we haven't done much differently in our plan of action this past week, I thought I might provide some of the tidbits I have gleaned this past week in my usual, constant research, that takes place here and there as time allows.

This article here was excellent. It's about teaching our children how to eat healthy but not instilling an obsessive fear about good -bad foods that could lead to eating disorders.

While we as parents are responsible for guiding them into healthy choices, it can't be a scare tactic. I am especially aware of this as a woman in ED recovery, because one of the key factors in ED's is "safe" food versus "unsafe" food. I don't want my daughter growing up with this as an obsession or fear. 

Rather than make my children obsessed with good versus bad food and carrying heavy guilt if they eat something that isn't all that great for their bodies, we can help them realize how different foods make them feel and respond so that someday, they can choose based on how a food makes them feel physically and even emotionally, rather than a obsessive compulsion or restriction. And also teach them that foods off the usual list for our home, if out and about or at social events, isn't going to cause something horrible to happen.

But I'm rewriting the article. And she says it so much better than I did. So go. Read it. :

With that in mind, this article and video on "poisonous wheat" and the Dr Oz show this past week, in which two slices of bread raised blood sugar higher than a candy bar did, 

and I am praying, again, for guidance, on how best to feed my family. Our Miraclegirl, who is a carb lover and eats too little protein (cheese is hated, as our nuts and beans and veggies) has been exhibiting classic signs of ADHD, which results in shocking emotional crashes and behavior.

We see an improvement when sugar intake is reduced but something was still sending her into orbit. We had no clue it could have been her peanut butter sandwiches and toast (the one way I've gotten protein into her.)

Almond flour is already a staple in our house but I've also been reading on spelt and also reading up on Paelo breads and pastas to see if they might be a better fit for all of us.

I'm not fully persuaded to the Paelo diet, given all the meat consumption and that is exactly what all my reading on endometriosis says should be avoided, I do believe there is something in the Paelo breads and pastas that would be a better way.

There is so much information to wade through out there and I rely heavily on our Daddy God's guidance as I sift through it. He created us, He knows what is best for these bodies. I trust He will show me the way in a way that can help us live so optimally that we have the physical and mental and emotional health, vitality, and energy to bring glory to Him--which has been and continues to be, the ultimate goal in this journey. 

Lastly, this is on the to-be-watched list for the weekend. I'm curious as to all that it presents.

Blessings to you in your journey to health.

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