Monday, May 6, 2013

A weekend of:

~ Yellow roses from Handsome who had such an incredibly long day and yet, took the time to stop and purchase them, bringing them home and winning my heart yet again.

~ Finishing the roof on one of our masonry buildings with our daughter's at times, cheerful, and at others, begrudging assistance, while her brother did what all country boys do, get dirty. She dressed half in pretty clothes, half in camo to be like "Duck Dynasty" and her male cousins who own the rights to camo. Her brother insistent on bare feet and legs and feet covered in blisters, scrapes, and bruises.
   We're raising 'em country.

~ A started garden! Herbs of all sorts, sweet peppers galore (a favorite with hummus, chowed down like apples), jalepenos and scallions for canning with the sweet peppers and tomatoes, spinach for juicing and eating, lettuce greens for eating, tomatoes of all sorts (organic, original, that is. No hybrids for us), sweet snap peas, pole beans of yellows and greens, cow peas and black beans for winter soups,  and beets for adding colored sweetness to fresh juiced veggies.
          Some of the regulars are missing but we're building a brand new garden here at Shiloh on the un-landscaped land we own, and for the starter garden with the new method of raised beds, that adds extra work to the launch of the garden, I've chosen the constantly eaten and used produce. For the rest I plan to frequent the Farmer's Markets for those I can buy at reasonable prices when not growing them (cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, kale, onions)
           Now for sunshine and daily watering to sprout and grow them into richness for our bodies!

~ Filthy feet, sunburnt shoulders and arms, tangled hair, smudged noses. 

~ Planning the sunflower garden with my children and the daycare children. Plotting it out, giving little hands each a turn at twisting string and imagining all the stories they'll create once it's hedged in by yellow beauties.

~ Yummy supper out of flavorful Mexican beside the river, filling hungry tummies after working and playing hard, knowing every bite was hard earned. 

~ Mornings outside, a bit chilly but full of early sun, with my early bird Bubs, coffee, and Bible. No greater way to begin the day.

~ And His mercies, new every day, abundant passed my human failings, coupled with grace I will never be able to merit on my own.
     The forgiveness of failure as a mom who loves her life and her children but so disappointingly finds herself screwing up with verbal irritation in the middle of a task or at the end of the full day during the melt-downs of the evening routines.
      The promise of the vision given 19 years ago, growing stronger in my heart than I ever imagined could happen, so much my physical heart aches with the longing to hold my babies yet to be placed within our arms. And tantalizing glimpses of faces yet to be recognized in my dreams at night, not fully seen, but in that place I know they are ours, as my arms are reaching for them.
      The satisfaction of stained work hands and broken nails because those represent the strengthened bond of "Us" as we put in hours building our home and speaking of our enjoyment for our life, our love for each other, and our hopes for those yet to join us.
     The quiet words spoken to me concerning the personal physical and resulting emotional battles I face, not verbalized to those around but known by my spouse and my Daddy God who speak the truth when emotionally, everything but, threatens to overtake.
      The beauty of our life. Exhausting, full, glorious, everything I dreamed of with so much more yet to come.
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