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February 20, 2013
Word! Writing Challenge Blog Hop
Word of the Week: adumbrate: 
                              1. to foreshadow vaguely
                              2. to suggest, disclose, or outline partially
                              3. overshadow; obscure
Super Challenge: moity:
                             1. half; one of two equal parts; an equal share

Take the vocabulary word presented and build a written piece, highlighting the word within the post so we can see it when we all come visit. :)
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Elves have a tendency to want everything their own way.  


There is no moity. It is simply their way or no way, unless of course they have grow up some and learned to mature in this weakness. But even then, it's still their tendency. And as if it's not bad enough when they are grown ups, it's even worse when the are children. They really aren't that much different than us humans, for we too have a tendency towards, "My, mine, my way!" etc.

It can be a difficult way to live when it is fully considered, contrary to the reasons that drive the behavior. For you see, the behavior stems from a selfishness in which everything is about the person doing the "me" and "mine" speaking but sometimes, being all about ourselves can be pretty lonely. And that is exactly what Leaf, the elf discovered one day. 
The way he woke up adumbrated the day he was to have. He gave new meaning to the term, "woke up on the wrong side of bed." When he stumbled to his breakfast, immediately he began to whine. "This isn't the cereal I like. . . I hate walnut cereal. I want sunflower cereal!!!" His Mama firmly told him this was his option and he could either eat it or begin his day hungry. 

He chose hunger. Pure stubbornness made him do it and he was soon regretting it, which made him all the grumpier. 

But the real trouble began when he headed for the local tree park where the elf children play. Even though the tendency among elves, as we've already established, is to have everything their own way, they are still able to get along when the lucky chance happens that, what one wants, the rest want. And this particular day, they all wanted to play the same game. It was into this happy activity that Leaf arrived. 

Right away, Leaf knew that they were playing something other than the game he had been mulling over in his mind on the way over. He interrupted with more than the usual bluster, shouting that now he was here and he had a grand idea for them all to participate in. They paid him no heed -- that is, until he got in their faces, demanding both to be heard and to be obeyed. 

Some grew angry and blustery in return, but most shrank away, especially the younger elf children. The more he insisted they play his way, the more everyone determined that is not what they wanted to do. This fed his demanding anger, until one of the elves suggested they run across to the river park across the way and continue their game. 

Leaf was so taken up with his shouting and demanding it took a few seconds to realize that the entire group had run away from him, leaving him in the dust of their eagerness to escape him. Not only had they refused to play his game they had now left him alone and solitary in his stubborn will.

Faintly in his head he heard his Mama's voice, that morning at breakfast. "Leaf, you can't always get what you want. Sometimes you have to do what someone else says. This is your breakfast for the day. Choose this or go without."

His rumbling tummy spoke of the consequences of insisting on his way at breakfast. It had earned him nothing other than hunger. And with this dim logic in his brain, Leaf re-thought the entire game situation. Clearly, insisting on doing it his way had resulted in nothing other than standing by himself on a vaccated playground. Swinging was no fun when you couldn't compete with someone for highest pump and sliding was no fun when there was no one to be impressed with the different ways you could go down a slide. 

No, wanting his way and insisting it be that way had resulted in one solitary morning. And that was even worse than everyone not playing the game he had wanted to play. So with a determination that was the first step on that path we spoke of at the beginning of our story - - maturity that turns the focus from self to others-- Leaf made his way to the River Park. 

And here we catch a glimpse of Leaf, happily playing, as we walk away, back into our own human lives, taking with us a very valuable life lesson. That when we turn inward to ourselves and our way, there is only one person there and that one person of Me, Myself, and I is pretty solitary and lonely. 
But You and Me, becoming We is full of friendship and delight and we are never alone. 
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