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2.6.13 Word! Blog Hop

January 16, 2013
Word! Writing Challenge Blog Hop

Word of the Week: friable:  Easily crumbled or pulverized
Super Challenge: valleity: 1. The lowest degree of volition
                                            2: A slight wish or tendency

There is within marriage, the potential for our vulnerable hearts to be friable. Seems such a strange word in relation to marriage. Cold and harsh actually when we hold it up to the light of the words we'd rather associate with marriage such as "romance" and "commitment" and "beloved" and "true love". And these are all within possible reach, but even as they are the potential before us, so is the potential for the longings of our hearts to be crumbled to bits. For unmet longings and heart cries.

As we become aware of these longings and desires we see before us two ways. For there is as much potential to keep the heart turned off and cold in an effort to save from hurt as there is to allow longing to exist as we walk this journey with the one we have pledged forever too. We would be safer to choose valleity over deep desires.

But then, where would the passion be? It is in the deepest longings that our deepest love can spring and to shut those longings down is to stifle the same place that passion comes from.

Seasons of marriage that pass as grey hair takes over and the wolf howls at the door while the children demand our all, beckon us to not allow ourselves to care. We begin to move on autopilot, having fondness for our spouse but finding the strength of that which first bound us, fraying like a rope used one too many times. With each strand that comes undone our hearts fall deeper into apathy and sad acceptance that this is our forever.

But then we attend a wedding or we view our own on video. We find an old card written in the throes of the beginning or we are triggered with a memory that reminds us of new love. And our heart stirs for more, reaching beyond the daily mundane that has become this partnership of existing. It is from the stirring of longing that we are pushed out of our complacency. Our hearts tell us that marriage was created for more than we are living and we just can't let go of that dream. Not for us, not for our children who come after us and who will also follow this risky path called love and marriage. Not for the world, that our marriage impacts when we are a force in love to be reckoned with.

Uncertain of what to do and where to start, there is only one place to fly to with our heart. To the One Who created our heart and Who chose us for the one we sleep beside each night and not only has a story for our life, but for our lives together. A story that has power when passion is allowed to come. And passion can only come when hearts are allowed to long and cast out in love without guarantee of return. Vulnerable, exposed. This is the heart that learns true love.

And there is no fear in love.

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