Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word! Blog Hope Introduction

This is a part of the January Ultimate Blog Challenge Prompt series 

Today's Prompt: 
It's National Be On-Purpose Month

There exists two specific on-purpose activities  in the New Year Goals taped to the wall of my desk, the first being to use my camera every, single day this year, improving my limited photography knowledge and adding more visual inspiration here, that hopefully stirs your heart when you stop by.

The second is to write every, single day that this year brings to my fingertips. Writing is my heart and yet, life interrupts. My on-purpose determination this year is to not allow that to happen and in so doing, enhance any writing ability the exists within my brain.

The following is one avenue for attempting to make that happen and I hope those of you who are fellow "lovers of the written word" will join me.

Beginning January 9, 2013
Writing Challenge Blog Hop

The Writing Challenge
Most of us bloggers enjoy writing, which is why we began blogging in the first place. But sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We blog the same type of posts day in and day out and our writing ability stays status quo, not to mention, we aren't working at growing our vocabulary base which can add dimension to our writing. 
This blog hop is to challenge us all to branch out from the samo-samo posts as well as helus add new words to our too-small word base as writers. 

How the Word! Challenge Works

1. Take the vocabulary word presented and build a written piece using it. Highlight the word within the post so we can see it when we all come visit. :) (It would be greatly appreciated if all posts could be kept within PG guidelines. If they exceed these, please asterick when linking up the post)
2. Copy and paste the link code, provided with each week's hop, into the bottom of your blog post.  
3. Come back here and add the link to the post on our link up button 
                  (please link the challenge post and not your main blog url)  
4. Visit each other's posts and comment, at the minimum, the two prior to your link. 

Additional activities for those who so desire:

5. Post your link to Twitter with the hashtag #Word!bloghop
6. Post your link to the Hidden Valley Events Wall set up weekly for each hop.   
7. Post the blog hop button (below) to your post. I appreciate the link-back love. :) 

Super Challenge!  

Use the 2nd suggested word in your written piece, either per it's typical meaning, as an antonym, or as a synonym. 
Again, highlight it so we can see how you used it.

Word! Blog Hop
Receive the prompts for this blog hop regularly via our RSS reader, Facebook page, or an email alert 
(fill in below. Writing prompts will be sent out on Fridays, for the coming Wednesday hop.) 

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Why a Blog Hop and 
How is it Different than a Meme?

Meme's give bloggers a place to link their blog to just one time. 

Hops give bloggers links ups on as many sites as participate in the hop, thus exposing their blog to the web and search engines. By copying and pasting the link-up code, which adjusts automatically every time someone adds a new link, each blogger will have a list appear on their blog post of the other participants. 
If 20 people do this, then each blog will be linked up to on 20 different sites. This is great search engine exposure!


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While this is stated on the blog purpose page, it is also an important enough disclaimer for me to feel a need to place on this front page for first-time visitors.
I am a stay-at-home-wife and mother, busy with home educating my children, doing daycare, and preparing our church-turned-home to embrace special needs and terminally ill children in need of a forever family.
These "Hidden Valley Ministries" are my first and top priority.
While the passions that drive this blog are a close second, they are exactly that --- a second. And so, there may be periods of time where no new posts appear.
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If the blog is quiet, it hasn't been abandoned. Instead,my first ministries have taken the time God allots me each day. I'll return as soon as I can, for I can't imagine a life without writing, sharing what God shows me in this Hidden Valley I dwell in, in order to encourage others, and of course, playing with photography and by doing so, share the beauty that is my life.
Thank you for visiting.
I pray you are blessed somehow, someway a a result of being here.