Tuesday, January 8, 2013

* 52 Weeks to the All Natural Lifestyle | Week 2, Why?

This is revisited part 2 of a series 52 Weeks to the All Natural Lifestyle. The Introduction can be found here.

As a starting point, I figured I would share what I took out of my own handwritten journal (at the time) as to why I'm pursuing the all-natural lifestyle.

1. I have been an asthmatic all my life and each year it seems my medication load increases. I'm tired of it. I believe that allergies and asthma can be helped with diet. (2013, I am no longer on daily asthma meds)

2. I have been diagnosed with infertility. I believe that can be helped with diet as well.
(2013: We now have Miraclegirl and Bubbles)

3. I struggle with depression. I think caffeine, sugar, and processed foods play into that.
(2013: I am on a low maintenance dose of anti-depressants, 25% of the original prescription)

4. I believe there is a strong correlation between the growth hormones in our food (milk, beef) and early puberty and health related concerns (despite articles that scoff at this notion).

5. I have read and it just makes sense that raw, natural food is better for us that cooked, processed foods. Living bodies need living food. (See Genesis 2)

6. I also believe there are healing properties in plants and herbs. The American Indians were on to something. God didn't just create plants without purpose. I believe He created them for our (physical) benefit.

7. More reading has made me think as well, that harsh cleaning chemicals are not good for us within our homes---especially in the winter when we're closed up day after day with no fresh air.

8. Things like cloth diapering and making our own laundry detergent will be much cheaper in the end tally.

9. So will making most of our own foods, rather than buying pre-cooked and pre-packaged foods.

10. I want to live simplistically. Going natural will help us do that. We will live on the essentials and learn how to get away from the frills like Television, toys that beep and talk, fast food and junk food, and every last "new thing" made available to us in the stores.  (2012: we continue to pursue this lifestyle and are finding contentment.)

11. There is something appealing to me about being self-sufficient instead of having to run to Walmart every week to replenish our groceries and supplies. (Especially during the winter masonry seasons!)

12. It's a part of my spiritual walk with God. Even if 1 - 10 didn't exist, I would still pursue this path, simply because I feel deeply that God is calling me to it in preparation for the home we hope to start someday for troubled youth and children.

Well, all productive journeys start with a plan and a map. So let's begin to create that.

First of all, look at our Introductory Post, What Constitutes the All Natural Life? and decide from there where you want to go. On Thursday, I will share my personal "roadmap" I created last year for moving towards the all - natural lifestyle but for today, your task is not to follow me, but to define your own.

What are your reasons? They aren't going to be mine, although they may be similar.

To find out, the following questions could be asked.

What about my life do I not like right now?  It could be your weight, your sugar consumption, your caffeine dependence, how bloated you feel most of the time, or all the chemicals that you fear you are putting into your body through processed foods and cleaning products.

If someone could wave a wand and give me the all-natural lifestyle, without it being work for me to get there, what would that ideally look like?  Would it be just related to food? Or would you want to also move into natural cleaning products, learning how to garden, and making your own, healthy foods, like yogurt and sour cream?

What are my priorities?  Chances are, there will be several areas you want to change. Which ones are most important to you? They may be:

Diet and nutrition
Cleaning products
Beauty products
Alternative health treatment options

Write them all down and then number them according to importance. 

Maybe gardening isn't a desire of yours but cloth diapering is. Perhaps you don't want to quit using Pantene but you would like to eliminate the harsh chemicals from your house cleaning habits. Tylenol may never give you a second thought but you would like to learn how to cut out caffeine.

Right now, write out what you want to change. What your ideal lifestyle is.

Don't get overwhelmed with it. Just write it out. Bullets, paragraphs. . . envision it and put it into words. This will help you once we get our roadmap going next week.

This series will follow my own roadmap, but having yours drafted up in your mind will help you keep your focus as we progress along the way.

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