Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1.9.2013 Word! Blog Hop

January 9, 2013
Writing Challenge Blog Hop

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Word of the Week: zephyr
Super Challenge: arboretum

1. Take the vocabulary word presented and build a written piece using it. Highlight the word within the post so we can see it when we all come visit. :) (It would be greatly appreciated if all posts could be kept within PG guidelines. If they exceed these, please asterick when linking up the post)

Super Challenge!  
Use the 2nd suggested word in your written piece, either per it's typical meaning, as an antonym, or as a synonym. 
Again, highlight it so we can see how you used it.

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4. Visit each other's posts and comment, at the minimum, the two prior to your link. 

Additional activities
(for those who want them)
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Word! Blog Hop

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