Monday, December 17, 2012

What Words?

Fingers hovering over the keyboard, what do I write?

Words aren't enough. Only tears. But how does one convey tears through written words?

And frankly, I'm tired of words anyways.

Anyone else?

All I have seen is words.

Words about opinions and platforms.

This is why we should ban guns. . . This is why everyone should have a gun. . . This is why you should home school. . . If you're home schooling because of violence you're doing it for the wrong reasons. . . Mental illness is not taken care of the way it needs to be. . . Someone must have done something horrible to him. . . It must have been the parenting. . . This is the time for action. . . This isn't the time for agendas, but a time for tears. .  .

We all have a thought. An opinion.  Because we want to understand and we want to somehow do something to keep it from happening again. Somehow, if we speak our piece, we give understanding to the situation, if not for anyone else, ourselves. Because something so senseless needs an underlying cause. If we can figure out the cause we can keep it from ever happening again.

But we can't. Because this is out of our control.

No matter what opinion you have, you can't make it make more sense. You just. can't.

So what do we do?

My heart stirs with a sermon I once heard. "What is in your hand?"

In my hand, is the ministry of prayer. Mine is an on-the-knees weeping battle for those hurting and against evil. Mine is a battle that takes place at odd moments throughout the day and even more so, in the night-time hours when the world is asleep.

In your hand is a strong personality and vocal proclamations. You take ideas and you do something about them. You write letters, start organizations, promote awareness.

In your hand are connections. You know people. People who need to do something. Donate teddy bears or funds. Write letters and send cards. Attend vigils and memorials.

So, do whatever is in your hand.

While you do, remember a few things in this emotionally laden time.

1. Be reminded that your action is not someone else's action. I will not look down on you because you are vocalizing a certain agenda and I'm not sure the timing of that is correct. You must not look down on me because I am withdrawing and only praying and in so doing my quietness seems to allow evil to prevail. We are all uniquely gifted. Let us each allow the freedom to use those gifts as God directs.

2. Do as God leads you, not your own personality or strength. Just because we think something is the right thing to do or our opinion is the right one for the issue at hand, doesn't mean it's of God. Live and act from the Vine, not in your own power.

3. Do all things in love.
Have an opinion? Say it in love.
Have a plan of action? Remember that without love, it is as nothing.
Praying? Let those prayers rise, propelled by God's love.
This is not the time to fight angrily for that which we believe is the right way and the right response. This is the time to fight, but fight against evil not each other, united by broken love. Don't let the horror of the tragedy further divide us.

4. Weep with those who weep. No matter what our action, the Bible is clear on this. In each of our called actions we all have the mandate to remember the wounded souls and weep for and with them.

5. Remember this is not all there is. We have hope. Hope of eternity with Jesus, who died on the cross to redeem horror such as this.


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