Home School Review Rating System

About Home School Reviews

Curriculum, teaching aids, online resources — they abound for the Home Schooling family. Budgets are usually tight, making each purchase count. Home School Reviews come from our Shiloh Home School, as we check out some of the resources available to home schooling families, giving detailed, comprehensive descriptions of the product and  our honest opinions about the quality of the product, based upon the price.

Rating System

5 ~~ This is a must add for any Home School Curriclum! Worth the price. An invaluable resource.

4 ~~ Highly recommended with a few cons to be considered when making the decision to purchase.

3 ~~ Neutral opinion. We weren’t thrilled with this product but we also can see where it might be beneficial. The money potentially spent on it, will ultimately be based upon each unique Home School Family.

2 ~~ Not recommended. It’s either not worth the money or the quality of the product is so poor, it’s not really worth the time or money to invest in it.

1 ~~ Don’t even consider! Errors abound, resource is poorly put together, and educational material is sorely lacking. Not worth even a penny of a Home Schoolers money.

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