How to get Approx $25 in Amazon Gift Cards Monthly with Swagbucks

Here is a screen shot of some of the Amazon gift cards I’ve redeemed over the past year with Swagbucks


It goes back to April and it’s $75. This is before I learned how to make a lot more Swagbucks than I was.

Swagbucks has much, much more to redeem than just Amazon cards, but as an avid reader and a Mama who uses Amazon constantly for kid’s toys and books, the Amazon gift cards are what I redeem regularly.

Around December I figured out a system that now averages me $25 in Amazon gift cards a month. A system that does not even include trade-ins, videos, playing  Swagbuck games, and  Swagbuck codes, which are other ways people add up.

Since I can’t be on the internet constantly, I had to come up with a plan that worked for the time I do have to get on the internet. And this is what I came up with.

I think it’s pretty streamlined and takes 15-60 minutes a day. Minutes I try not to take unless my children are in bed or playing happily. No amount of Amazon gift cards is worth neglecting my children!

So what’s my new system?

You can either watch this video, in which I take it step-by-step as I do daily or you can go down through the written list below.

NOTE: Someone has remarked that I say “swOgbucks” instead of “swAgbucks”. It is pronounced “SwAg”, I guess I just pronounce it with a long “a” instead. You know. . . like “crEEk” versus “crIk”. 😀

2. I use that toolbar for everything. If I go to log into blogger, I “search” for blogger through the  Swagbucks toolbar. I search for my Facebook login page through the toolbar. I don’t use my favorites links or my cookies that automatically recognize where I’m going. I always, always get to sites through the Swagbucks tookbar. This usually yields 2 to 3 Swagbucks wins a day.

The next daily tasks I will show you a screen shot for:


Do you see the menu on the left? That is how I make my other Swagbucks.

3. I do the NOSO daily. No Obligation Special Offers. You simply look at opportunities and then click “skip” to get to the next one. After 5-7 you’ve earned 2  Swagbucks, simply for looking at them.

4. Do the daily poll for another 1  Swagbuck daily.

5. Trusted surveys give me the most  Swagbucks. Some days I can get up to 300  Swagbucks, other days I get disqualified for every one I attempt. For every 5 disqualified ones (also known as DQ’d) I get 1 Swagbuck. They are worth going through daily. You can at least get 50  Swagbucks almost daily from a survey.

6. Coupons. I select and print the coupons I can use and redeem them at the checkout. I not only save my family money, I get 10 Swagbucks for every coupon I redeem. Double score!

7.  Swagbuck TV. For every 10 videos I watch, I get 3  Swagbucks. They are anywhere from 1/2 a minute to 5 minutes. I usually do this while folding loads of laundry and/or cooking meals (thanks to a laptop) I just keep clicking through to the next video to earn my Swagbucks, all while doing my mindless task at hand.
My daughter also LOVES cooking shows, so I can earn  Swagbucks just by letting her watch a few cooking videos. 🙂

8. I also Tweet and Facebook my wins as well as whenever I redeem for a gift card. This makes people curious, they click through, and sometimes, they sign up under me. Which I hope, you want to do after reading this. 😉 There are Swagbucks for every person who signs up under you and you are matched to what they win, up to their first 1000. The more referrals you have, the more Swagbucks you can earn as they earn theirs.

Happy Swagging!

PS—Here’s a trick. The $5 Amazon gift card takes less Swagbucks than the $50 giftcard does when it is tallied up. In other words, the overall bang for your buck is better with the smaller redemptions. 

As soon as you redeem, you can to to “Your Account” on Amazon and then click under “Gift Cards” and apply your gift card code immediately to your account. This balance with Amazon will never expire and it will be an option at check out on whether or not you want to use it for your purchase. 🙂

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