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Virginia Soaps and Scents is more than just another site on the internet selling all natural products. It is a family business born out of an attempt to return to life after heartache and tragedy.

Although it is not on their site, the letter that came with my products, told of how Spargur family lost their youngest grandchild in an accident, and after months of grieving, got back to the business of carrying on their regular homeschool schedule. During that time, there was a lesson on Colonial Life in Virginia which included some soapmaking. The kids tried to make the soap, and Virginia Soaps and Scents, a family based business, was begun!

I was sent a sampler pack in the mail and had fallen in love within ten minutes. It just so happened I had a dirty diaper to change so I unwrapped one of the soaps to use after I was done.

Now, you have to understand, I am not a bar soap fan. I don’t like the mess and I hate that it never suds up – – which makes me feel like I’m not being cleaned. But this is some good soap! It suds up really awesome, which surprisingly, is because of coconut oil.
What is even more amazing to me is how smooth and moisturizing it feels. I’m not just saying that either, because I’m doing a review. This really is a big deal. I wash my hands a hundred times a day, and even though it’s only November, they are already cracked and bleeding from the dry, cold that comes with winter. I may be able to keep that from becoming such a serious issue with these olive oil based soaps.

Not only that, they smell wonderful but aren’t over-powering in their scent. It leave a faint scent behind, enough to be enjoyable but not so much that it is annoying.

I also received an All in One Body Bar, which is a Shampoo, Shower, and Shave Bar. Because it has more of a woodsy scent, I’m not using it for all three uses, but instead, in lieu of shaving gel. And I honestly think it works better than gel. This is because of the “humectant” quality that the olive oil and get this, castor oil, gives it.

Lastly, I was given the opportunity to try out their laundry detergent. This arrived just in time, because I was due to make some more detergent anyways. It was easy to make and I have used it for some of my husband’s masonry clothes as a “test”. It passed with flying colors. His clothes are clean, and that’s a pretty big deal, given what he does to his clothes because of his job (he is a brick and stone mason).

I’m always leery of ordering things off the internet, but this site is now bookmarked. I think all their products are at amazing prices, will make great gifts, and will also be products I want to have in my home regularly.

Virginia Soaps and Scents has included a sampler pack for Hidden Valley Readers. The pack includes

~ One package of laundry soap, enough to make 1/2 gallon

~ One Shampoo, Shower, and Shave bar (“Waltzing Matilda” scent)

~ Threebar soaps, including the Sandlewood, Coconut Lemongrass, and Fresh Orange scents.

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